Cleaning a Turkey Baster

A turkey baster is near the top of things that are a pain to clean but the other day I had an idea...

The other night I made meatloaf for dinner and there was greasy juice in the bottom of the pan. I grabbed the turkey baster and sucked out the juice but I was left with a filthy turkey baster. I tried washing it in my usual way - dishrag poked down into it with the handle of a wooden fork - but there was still a glob of goo congealed at the bottom that wouldn't give. The dishrag/wooden fork handle couldn't reach it; very hot water, dish detergent and shaking the thing wouldn't work. I finally gave up and set it aside and ignored it. 
But then came Thanksgiving. I went into the kitchen and looked at the turkey baster and thought, "Now I have to figure out how to clean this dang thing!" 
I put it in hot, soapy dishwater and then it dawned on me - a Q-Tip! I grabbed a Q-Tip and it fit perfectly into the small end of the turkey baster and up far enough to cover the areas the dishrag/wooden fork combo wouldn't reach! I scrubbed out the goo with one end of the Q-Tip wet with hot dishwater and then used the other end of the Q-Tip just for good measure and it was as clean as a whistle! 
I went online later to see if I could find out how other people tackle - I mean, clean - their turkey basters and suggestions included pipe cleaners and bottle brushes. Those would be great if one has a pipe cleaner or a bottle brush lying around, but how many people do? But most people have Q-Tips handy - they are great for cleaning other things, too. 
So, if you are tackling the small, grimy end of your turkey baster, just grab a Q-Tip and a little hot, soapy water! 

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and your clean-up a breeze!  

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