Disclosure Policy (updated (again!) 4/9/2013)

Writing the Disclosure Policy -
Bloggers are supposed to put a Disclosure Policy on their site. While there are forms one can fill out and make a standard disclosure policy, you can also write your own. I decided to write my own.

There was a hoopla from the FTC regarding bloggers making money, doing reviews, and the like, and so bloggers are supposed to have a disclosure policy that tells people what they are up to, so here goes...
Bloggers can make money from various kinds of advertisements.
They can also make money by signing up as an affiliate with some companies and earning small commissions if you, the reader, buy/click/print/sign up, etc.
Sometimes bloggers get paid to write reviews about books or products and such. They might also get books, products and such in compensation.
There are bloggers who've found other ways to increase their income - Folks like John Chow and Darren Rowse are famous bloggers who probably make quite a bundle.

As for me, this is all new to me. But like a lot of people struggling in this economy, I am looking for ways to make some extra money, and I am just learning about blogging, (and about computers, and about this legal stuff!) as I go along.
And though I would like to make money from this blog, I am also trying to write helpful, interesting, useful content that people might enjoy reading and find some value in.
If I were offered a product, book, etc., to try out or review, I would try to give my honest opinion. Or maybe I could do something like what they have in tv commercials where they state, "actor is a paid spokesperson" - I could just say "blogger is a paid spokesperson." I think most people understand that "paid spokesperson" would mean "scripted endorsement" and not "personal opinion."
So, there you have it - I am hoping to, and maybe will make money from this blog.
Maybe I'll even make enough for some better insulation and new weatherstripping for my drafty doublewide  - a woman can dream, can't she?

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