Manufactured Homes Resources and Info

 Manufactured and Mobile Home Resources and Information

These are links to websites that might be of interest to you. I have included them here for information only and not as an endorsement.

How To Build a Covered Deck for a Mobile Home

Manufactured Homes Forum at Gardenweb

Manufactured Housing Global Forum at

Website - "My Mobile Home Makeover"

Fixing a Mobile Home with holes in the floor video

I will be adding more links. Make sure to check back later for more information!

Links to Books of interest 

The Manual for Manufactured/Mobile Home Repair and Upgrade

Your Mobile Home: Energy and Repair Guide for Manufactured Housing, 5th Edition

Manufactured Home Buyer's Handbook

Replacement Parts for Mobile or Manufactured Homes -

I've had to replace a few of these - doorknobs! The doorknobs in the old drafty doublewide (like in a lot of manufactured homes!)  get loose and eventually fall apart. These doorknobs are available at Amazon. Click pictures for details. 

Got leaky faucets? Sometimes it is difficult to find replacement parts for manufactured or mobile homes. Amazon has a nice selection of replacement faucets available!

This looks stylish, and has good reviews -

Looking for something simpler? This is nice -

Or maybe a replacement tub and shower faucet that is a little less expensive?

Want to replace those old bathroom faucets with something more stylish?

There are also kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks for your mobile or manufactured home available. Click the following link to go there -
Everything and the kitchen sink! Just click!

Do I want to fix up the old drafty doublewide or do I want a brand new home? Here are a few links I've been checking out - 

Marlette Homes

Clayton Homes

Skyline Homes 

Champion Homes

Commodore Homes

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